1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Write down what you’re thankful for! Every morning take out your journal and write down one thing you’re grateful for. You’d be surprised at how much this can change your mindset! Most people find that this helps prepare for the days challenges as well as starting the day being more optimistic and cheerful than those who didn’t. Check out this study done by Berkeley. Expressing gratitude every day can have a massive impact on your life! If you aren’t a fan of writing, check out these apps that helps you journal on your phone.

2. Reduce Multi-Tasking

Jumping from various unrelated tasks can hurt you more than help you! Shocker? You start your day by working on a big project, and get distracted by a co-worker walking in to ask a question. Suddenly you remember that you need respond to an email that you should have already responded to earlier in the day. Does this sound like your day? We spend an average of just one minute and 15 seconds on a task before being interrupted. Now, there’s no way to eliminate multi-tasking altogether, but being aware of the productivity lost will allow you to create rules to avoid distractions.

3. Plan Ahead

Make a plan! Create yourself some if/when rules. If this happens or when this happens, then this is what I will do. Research shows that people who have this plan are two to three times more likely to conquer their goals. Proactively creating automatic responses, saves you time in the long run! When situations come up that may side-track you, you’ll already know how to respond.

4. Exercise

A few minutes of exercise can have a significant impact on your day. Find time in your busy schedule to make it happen. We know that finding time to go work out at the gym may not be ideal, but even finishing the 7-Minute workout is proven to deliver results. Go on a short walk! You’d be surprised at how much your stress is reduced! A quick stroll can elevate your heart rate, and you can return to work with a refreshed focus.

5.Relax Ritual

By having a ritual on how to shutdown for the day and prepare for the next, settles your brain to relax. Make a list of the most 3 important things you need to do the next day. You’d be surprised how much you don’t think about work when you leave! Even cleaning your desk helps to relieve anxiety so you can enjoy your evening.