By Shawn Folks

At Guarantee Restoration providing fast, easy and convenient services to our partners is only the beginning of our Guarantee. In a world where technology is so prevalent in our lives and new technology is being invented every day, one way we’re able to be the best choice for our partners is by using the latest industry technology.

For every loss, our goal is to make you whole again without cutting corners. After a fire or water loss, it is important to clean each item from the property where the loss occurred to preserve the item’s integrity. However, some items can be particularly difficult to clean by hand because of their size or the extent of the damage. This is where our top-of-the-line Ultrasonic Cleaning Stations come in handy!

Ultrasonic Cleaning Stations use sound waves which act as a scrubbing brush against heavily soiled items, making it a very efficient form of cleaning as dirt particles are completely and rapidly removed.

These stations can clean just about anything, if it can be submerged underwater and is not already damaged or cracked. To clean, items are submerged in a tank with liquid, which is then hit with high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves create a gentle yet powerful scrubbing effect in the fluid to clean all surfaces of the objects including deep pores and crevices.

Finally, this process is much quicker than cleaning heavily soiled items by hand. By using the Ultra Sonic Cleaning Stations, our team can get your contents cleaned so you can get back in business faster!

Without Ultrasonic Cleaning, many items simply could not be salvaged after a fire or water loss. Our Contents Team is trained to know what items can go in the Ultra Sonic cleaner, how long to clean each item, and how to properly store those items until the restoration job is complete.


If the contents of your home or office are damaged from fire or water, Guarantee Restoration is there when you need us most! Our experienced team of restoration professionals have the heart, technology and knowledge to get you back to normal. With our team, being available 24/7 Isn’t just a number—it’s a Guarantee!

For more information or to speak with one of our experienced team members, give us a call at:

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