By Shawn Folks

The days after a water loss at your property can be overwhelming. With the world moving faster and faster, businesses cannot wait long to return operations.

Here at Guarantee Restoration, we feel it is important to keep our clients in the loop from start. While all water damage projects have different considerations, our team will provide you a timeline and do not exceed number, so you understand the costs and time it will take to get you back to normal after any size water damage.

There are several factors to consider when trying to set a time frame for project completion, such as:

  • How much standing water was on the property?
  • What materials did the water affect?
  • How long did water stand on the property before extraction?
  • What category was the water damage? Did the water come from a clean, sanitary source such as a fire system sprinkler or a hazardous source such as a septic tank?


First 100 Minutes

Contact your insurance company. Most policies require you to prevent further loss by removing furniture or inventory out of the affected areas. This will also aid the restoration process, and help protect your contents in the long run.

Within this time, a Guarantee Restoration Project Manager will arrive to the job site to assess the damage.

First 100 Hours

Our team will begin removing water and materials from affected areas.  Depending on the time of the loss being reported, materials available and the goals of our client, we will work to salvage as much of the wet materials as possible. The amount of time materials like flooring or dry wall stay wet after a loss is important in determining if those materials can be salvaged.

Once the excess water has been removed, we will work to dry the structure.  This can take up to 2-4 days.  However, to ensure consistent drying, it is important to keep the equipment running at all times. Additionally, the temperature of the property will likely need to be adjusted to ensure proper drying.

The Next 100 Days

After the structure is dried, we will move forward with a reconstruction project manager who will finish your project.  Please note, not all projects will take 100 days; however, depending on the size of the property damage and materials selected, this can happen. We work with you and your insurance company to help select materials and begin reconstruction of your property over the weeks following drying.

We understand most property owners just want their property restored as soon as possible so they can get back in business, but every single project will vary depending on the extent of the damage and which parts of a building were affected. It is also important to be aware of issues such as mold and biohazards pushing back the timeline for project completion.

Ultimately, fast action is key when dealing with any size water damage. The longer the building materials are wet, the more likely they will have to be replaced. Further, if water is left standing for too long, the risk of mold growing on the property increases.

If your property suffers from any size water, fire or mold damage, give us a call at 1-800-349-4357 or visit us online at We’re available 24/7 and that’s not just a number—It’s a Guarantee!