Guarantee Restoration Services began in 1974 as a carpet cleaning business operated by William “Chunky” Folks and Ellen Folks out of their one-bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge. As Chunky’s carpet cleaning business expanded, so did the services their business provided.

Chunky’s Guarantee Systems became known around Baton Rouge as the carpet, upholstery and flooring experts, and the company performed a variety of services such as carpet cleaning, repairs, stretching, dyeing, floor stripping and waxing as well as oriental and area rug cleaning. Soon Guarantee branched out into Water Damage emergency services and even fire damage cleaning. With fire damage cleaning came air duct cleaning services, which today has become an integral part of maintaining indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings.

Our fleet has changed and grown over the years as our focus shifted from carpet cleaning to full-service disaster restoration.


In 1983, to complete the cleaning services package that Guarantee provides, Ellen Folks opened Guarantee Girls, a professional home and office cleaning service. For more information on Guarantee Girls, please visit www.guaranteegirls.com.

Guarantee Systems joined the national franchise that specializes in cleaning and restoration services in 2001. The Guarantee Restoration Services franchise provides business planning, leadership development and on-call support from a nationwide staff of restoration experts. This “teamwork” assures our customers of up-to-date technology and professionalism that is second to none.

Today Guarantee Restoration Services has grown to be the largest locally owned disaster restoration company in the Baton Rouge area. Guarantee Restoration Services now has more than 25 employees, 15 vehicles and 17,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. While carpet cleaning and repair is no longer the focus of the company, the expertise carries over into the work Guarantee Restoration Services employees perform every day.