Well, January of 2018 is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your resolutions should too! If you’ve made it through the first 24 days of January, what’s another 341 days, right? Wrong! If you haven’t already cheated on your resolution or given it up all together, check out these tips on how to get back on that horse and actually ride it out! Giddy Up!

Focus on ONE Resolution

This is the most common mistake you can make! Instead of overwhelming yourself with multiple resolutions (which ultimately leads you to quitting them all-together), just focus on ONE! By giving your brain a break by focusing on one goal you’re working towards, your chances of succeeding have grown exponentially.


Most people think that if they’re mentally strong enough, they can do everything on their own. Don’t be so cocky! Having someone else that helps hold you accountable, can keep you on the right track, especially when you want to give up. If you choose the same resolution, like walking a mile every day, it could not only put you in great shape, it could also grow your relationship!

Setting Goals

If your goal is too big and too complicated with no “real” goal, then it’ll be hard to stick with and attain. For instance if you just want to “lose weight” then create a goal and a plan on how you’re going to achieve it. Walking 30 miles by March or losing 15 pounds by March are both obtainable goals that aren’t SO far away.

Make It EASY!

If your resolution is something small, simple, but often forgotten, then strategize on how you’ll obtain it! For instance, if you’re flossing habits are borderline terrible, then take the floss OUT of the drawer (where it’s more often-than-not forgotten) and put it in the shower. Floss while you’re in the shower! If you’d like to stay more consistent in taking your vitamins, stick the bottle of vitamins in the coffee cup you plan to use in the morning.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Ah, sweet motivation. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, focus on what you’ll get from your end goal. Whether it’s being happier at a lower weight, wanting to impress your friends with a new skill or just being able to breathe and smell better because you no longer smoke. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’ve plateau’ d!

Don’t worry, we’re ALWAYS rooting for you and we’re in your corner. There’s no mess too small for us to clean, even if it’s cleaning up your resolution goals to make it obtainable!