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Most often, having great leadership success generally starts with a vision. Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to work with many great leaders and have always tried hard to learn exactly what it is that makes them so effective. Usually, it comes down to a few fundamental traits. At the forefront of those, is vision.

Vision Comes from Goals

With all the leaders I’ve spent time with, time and time again, I have noticed that vision is always one of their finest characteristics. The very best leaders give real thought and consideration to the values, ideas and activities they are most passionate about. They dedicate time to all the things that they pursue. Their focus is on these things rather than money, prestige, or options forced on them by someone else. In most cases, the visions of leaders can be and should be challenging to put into action.

Leaders realize their visions only by setting realistic, demanding goals. Then, they go after them relentlessly. Oftentimes, they achieve their visions with the help of other talented individuals, who are equally as committed to striving for the same ultimate vision.

Keeping your vision alive is a daily commitment. Realistically though, life, work and business get busy and stressful. Many times, even the best leaders’ visions get to be a bit out of focus. Other times, visions can be very clear, and then they become overwhelming to us. 

One of Two Choices 

When our visions seem overwhelming, we have one of two choices. One is to accept that it will take much effort and uncertainty, which often sends us into areas outside our comfort zone. The other option is that we go back to the time when this vision became clear and worth the effort, energy and sacrifice. Remembering this instance helps us refocus and keep going!

Our vision must be examined in the daily activities we engage in, as well as our weekly and monthly strategies and tactics. No matter how difficult it gets, keep faith in yourself and the others around you. As you continue to work hard, your vision will become a reality. Having a compelling vision can change your career and personal life for the better. It will make you a stronger leader. Even more broadly, working toward your vision can ultimately change the world.

Mission to Serve You

Since its founding in 1974, Guarantee Restoration Services has had a very similar mindset when it comes to its core values. Today, our mission is to serve friends, family and partners by delivering effective solutions, providing honest and dependable services while ensuring continuity for their lives and businesses.

Our team at GRS is there when you need us most. We are available 24/7, which is not just a number, it’s a GUARANTEE. 

Craig Schreiner serves as our Healthcare Division Manager. He has been with Guarantee Restoration Services since 2019. To connect with him, send him an email.