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What makes a good leader? Each day, as management figures in the workplace, we face the challenge of how to be an exceptional leader and not just another manager. Our workplace, like many others, is filled with exciting questions, requests, and an eagerness to learn (and keep learning!). That’s the bright spot in any organization. As the Regional Director of Operations at Guarantee Restoration Services, I trust and empower my branch managers to execute the agenda set forth by me and our CEO, Shawn Folks. These agendas help build a high-powered production staff capable of doing every job the GRS way! 

Management in the Workplace: Managing Disputes

Unfortunately, conflict is inevitable, but we understand the extreme importance of conflict resolution in the workplace. Our managers at GRS do a great job trying to recognize early and prevent it before it escalates. From our CEO to our Executive Team to our Branch Managers, we take pride in our organization for having an open-door policy. The sooner you address the dispute and encourage people to solve it, the less impact it will have in your workplace. Personally, I take pride in listening and not talking. This gives me an opportunity to fully understand the concern of others. Once things are resolved, I like to give positive affirmation to all team members involved in the conflict. 

Management in the Workplace: Managing COVID-19 and Stress 

In March 2020, job stress, anxiety and depression hit the workforce across the world, but the GRS team carved an unbelievable path with the understanding that we were first responders. While many organizations stayed home, our partners called on GRS to help eliminate the threat of COVID-19 around their businesses. Our CEO, Executive Team and other team members executed services at a high level to produce for those in need. Our management staff at Guarantee Restoration Services took ownership of all situations and let one another know they were not alone. In addition to that, our human resources department communicated with our team members daily and helped identify those that needed an extra hand or more resources.

24/7 Is Not Just a Number

With five locations along the I-10 corridor, GRS is the leading property damage restoration company along the Gulf Coast. No matter the time or job complexity, our team of almost 150 professionals is available 24/7, which is not just a number, it’s a GUARANTEE. If your business or home experiences water, fire, mold or other property damage, call at 800-349-HELP (4357) or email info@guaranteerestoration.net.

Frankie Walker is the Regional Operations Manager at Guarantee Restoration Services. He recently celebrated his third anniversary with our company in March 2021. To connect with him, contact him by email.