Our team understands the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for your office. Mold can be harmful to those with compromised immune systems and to the productivity of your organization. Guarantee Restoration Services will work hard to find cost-effective solutions to remediate a mold issue and more importantly, during a water loss we work to prevent it's growth.

We remedy mold contamination using several steps:

1. Containment
2. Reducing or eliminating moisture levels to prevent further mold growth
3. Removal of materials that have mold and fungi growth
4. Cleaning, disinfecting and rebuilding the area if necessary

Guarantee Restoration’s Mold Remediation Specialists are experts in the latest mold removal techniques. We conduct tests after every remediation job to ensure success.


After any accident, crime or death our team will remove and clean affected areas thoroughly. Additionally, materials such as lead, mold and asbestos need to be removed safely and with trained professionals.


Federal regulations consider all bodily fluids biohazards and a potential source of infection. Special knowledge is required to safely handle biohazardous material. In addition, it is crucial to know what to look for at the scene. In many cases, clean-up requires that walls and built-in structures be removed.

Guarantee Restoration Services is capable and competent to deliver biohazard and trauma clean-up services. Our management and field staff are trained in customer sensitivity and efficiency. We have the expertise, equipment and chemicals to properly return a contaminated property to a clean, safe environment.

Our biohazard clean-up services include the following:

  • Crime scene cleanup, homicide
  • Accidental/intentional death, suicide
  • Decontamination
  • Law enforcement vehicle cleanup
  • Animal or pet waste
  • Human decomposition cleanup
  • Gross filth property cleanup
  • Industrial accident cleanup
  • Black water and sewage spill cleanup