Every year we tend to make resolutions, we tend to say, “New year, new me!” How many New Year’s resolutions have you kept for more than a week? If you haven’t made it to a month milestone, let alone a year, maybe you’re skipping steps that help you create resolutions that last!

What makes a resolution really STICK? Check out some of our tips!


Making slight changes every day will go a LONG way. Think about it! If you can improve 1% per day, you will improve by 365% over a year. The changes you make in a year through a small improvement can be huge. By making a change you can improve not only your personal life and the people around you, but your professional life as well.



Sometimes saying your goal at the beginning of the year isn’t enough. You must live by it every day. Writing your goals down and having it in front of you keeps it fresh. Taking your resolution and transforming it into reality takes so much more than mentally thinking it.



One question. WHY? Your why should be much stronger than your why not. Making a list of reasons why you should have your resolution will give you more drive to make it happen. List why you’re doing this and what you don’t like about your life now so that you can have a reference point and be able to see the progress you’ve made over time. This even helps you to recognize future obstacles and ways to overcome them before they happen.



Are you a part of any social or professional groups? Hold each other responsible to meet your goals! Focus on your weekly obtainable goals. These are typically the small steps toward the larger yearly goals. Give yourself quarterly check-ins to remind yourself to get on track when your priorities aren’t in order.



Don’t let failure be an option! If you’re goal is to exercise by walking your neighborhood for 20 minutes a day, then get a dog! If you want to grow your business, put some money on the line, or if you want to get in shape, sign up for a marathon. Do something that won’t take much effort and maybe a little embarrassing to get out of.


Resolutions are normally big goals, you know, the kind that won’t happen overnight. People that are successful know that resolutions are not a one-time change. Things won’t just change with the flip of a switch! Consider the idea that there isn’t one path to take. Long-term projects or habit changes are very gradual. If you make a long-term change and stick with it, you’re more likely to succeed if it’s a change that speaks to you. Take time to think about what you may want to stop or start doing more of and you’d be surprised how far you can go!