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Hurricane season has arrived. Preparation is the smartest way to ensure business continuity and employee protection are of the utmost importance. Building a hurricane emergency plan helps craft hurricane communications ahead of time, map out evacuation routes, and brace for impact. A plan gives employers and employees peace of mind.

AccuWeather has predicted a slightly above-normal hurricane season with 12-14 storms likely to form. Five to seven of those could develop into named hurricanes, with two to four strengthening into major (category 3-5) hurricanes. These hurricanes unleash devastating to catastrophic damages. Early planning is essential to minimizing the impact. We’re here to help you organize and prepare you plan.

1. Examination

What keeps your business up and running? What factors are relevant in dealing with a hurricane? Your people, assets, and location are probably top priority. Take action early to protect these elements, maintain order, and rebound quickly after the storm passes.

Protecting Your People

A company is only as strong as the people it employs. Just as you look to your workforce to handle functions, they look to you for leadership.

Be sure to asses several factors to help protect your people.

Where is each employee located?
Which employees travel? What is their schedule?
Do you have remote workers? Where are they?
Do you have a mass communication system in place to notify everyone?
Can each employee be reached immediately?
2. Location, location, location

Flooding can occur at just one building, or at several buildings along the coast. Consider how you’re going to reinforce each location. Many facilities are vulnerable to major damage. Ask yourself some of these questions:

What is the address of every location? Including storage facilities and transportation lots.
What is the evacuation plan for each facility? What’s the access to the closes hurricane evacuation route? Are your employees aware?
Which people/teams work at each location?
Biggest risks for each facility and how are the to withstand potential damage?
3. Build Your Emergency Plan

In the panic of a storm, it is nature to lose focus. An emergency plan is crucial to minimizing damage surrounding a hurricane. We suggest you consider the following:

Back Up Your Data
Set Up Cloud Systems (Payroll, CRM, HR Systems)
Create Checklists
Review Contracts
Map Evacuation Routes
Implement a Two-Way Communication System
4. Create Emergency Response Teams

When it comes to protecting your people, assets and locations – it takes a village. Once you have your plan in place, delegate and practice.

Define clear roles and responsibilities
Train Teams
Role Play
Keep People Aware
Always remember, an emergency plan is only as good as the people following it. Everyone must have an understanding of what to do in any given scenario.

Guarantee Restoration is always prepared and available 24/7. If you need help creating an emergency plan, or experienced a disaster at your facility that you need help with, give us a call at 1-800-349-4357.