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With the recent flooding to our South Louisiana community, it’s a good time to remind our friends and partners that  our team truly cares. Learn more below about how our team’s efforts to restore more than just property damage is the Guarantee Restoration difference.

Like any industry, there are many challenges that property damage restoration companies face.  At Guarantee Restoration Services, the ones we tackle include, but are not limited to:

  • Response time to prevent further damage
  • Drying properly to reduce or eliminate future mold growth
  • Continuous training of our team to use the best and newest practices 

However, logistical and technical challenges are not the only considerations. Our team is especially mindful of how important it is to not only provide quality services, but we must also understand the emotional impact the property loss has on our clients.

Beyond the Services We Provide

This starts with understanding that our role goes beyond providing excellent property damage restoration services. In addition to our team being the best in the restoration industry, we strive to restore more than property damage. We also restore the hearts and lives of our partners.  

Oftentimes, the stress faced by the business or homeowner after property damage from storms, floods, fires, water leaks, biohazards and even suicide can be overwhelming. All of these situations can be a threat to a business’ operations or affect family relationships. 

Changing their experience in this process can be as simple as communicating next steps or explaining how the insurance claim process works for their insurance carrier. Restoring our clients’ hearts means doing whatever they need to feel more comfortable. This is why we talk to our team about understanding a property loss from the clients’ frame of reference, not ours.

Setting Us Apart 

Recently, I was asked what separates us from our competition. Honestly, it is a rather complex question to answer. However, there are two areas in particular where we excel the most. First, our leadership team consistently holds our entire team accountable to be both professional and caring. Next, our team’s desire to be a partner with our clients during any size disaster, big or small. There is no paycheck in the world that makes someone care! That is why we hold all 150 of our team members to such a high standard daily.

24/7 is Not Just Number

If you ever experience property damage and need a team who understands that 24/7 is not just a number, call on Guarantee Restoration. While we help you rebuild your home or business and life, we bring not only the technical skills needed, but also the emotional skills to get the job done. 

Matthew Edwards serves in our business development department and works with our strategic partnerships. He has been with GRS since 2012. To connect with him, visit LinkedIn or send him an email.

Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards

Strategic Partnerships