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Renting an apartment to short-term rental operators can cause a concern for onsite disruption. The first step to limit potential issues is to be careful about the partners you choose. Putting them through a vetting process is important. Partners who professionally manage units, are the ones to be more responsive to your needs. Thinking about performing background checks and installing noise monitors can be important in the process. Conducting thorough research helps eliminate onsite issues typically associated with short-term operators.

Although choosing the right partner helps, doesn’t mean that issues won’t still occur. Existing customers may become concerned with transient guests entering the building or short-term residents converging on the concierge desk to ask for help settling in. Sometimes, the solutions – such as adding signage for short-term guests – confuses the long-term residents. Simple things like good communication and proper, specific signage can limit conflicts and keep things running smooth.

Staffing Issues

Challenges for onsite personnel when serving short-term guests often begin when the guests enter the community. Not knowing where to go or what to do first, they usually end up at the concierge desk. Using proper signage on getting the guest from the desk (where they receive their key) to find their way to their room has been a huge help to most. Helping the guest have a better front end experience with getting into the building and to their room minimizes the disruption for the staff during check-in.

Many short-term operators have staff onsite to manage guest questions and handle apartment unit upkeep.

Be Distinct

Potential crossover between management’s personnel and the short-term operator’s might pose a problem, however, the apartment firm wants to ensure that its brand is distinct. For instance, a big selling point for many short-term operators is the services and benefits they can offer existing residents in an apartment building. Cleaning is a big thing! The apartment company can clean at a very affordable price because they are already onsite.

Communication Throughout the Chain

While onsite glitches can be managed easily enough, the real key to a successful relationship is communication. Collaboration and open communication between the apartment manager and short-term rental operator. It’s also important to share information within an apartment firm. Communication with all parties is key. Communication between the contact center, onsite team, marketing and with the assigned representative from the provider help eliminate confusion.

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