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When one of our partners has a commercial property damage, our project manager shows up with solutions to respond, restore and rebuild.

At Guarantee Restoration, we understand the need for businesses to maintain operations when they experiences a property damage. Here is how we respond with our emergency services

Within 10 mins a project manager is talking to client
Within 2 hours a project manager is on sight to assess the situation and have team with correct amount of equipment for the size of the property loss and provide a do not exceed
Upon determining scope, the project manager will communicate with the adjuster and insurance company to gain approval or provide a do not exceed if you are not filing a claim. As work begins, other equipment such as dumpsters, generators and other will be delivered as needed.
Over the next few days (depending on size of project) the project manager will complete drying the structure of the building, begin demolition and provide reports to the client and insurance company.
Finally, upon completion of drying and prevention of mold, the project manager will work with the client to transition them to our reconstruction team or help work with the contractor they choose to ensure a smooth transition from mitigation to rebuild.
No matter what interrupts your business… we understand your business requires immediate response and attention. It’s why we’re available 24/7 and that’s not just a number… it’s a Guarantee!

Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards

Director Of Business Development