Being prepared for any situation has challenges.  By balancing the investment in equipment and practices with the potential of a situation occurring, we provide real cost-effective solutions to our client’s property damage recovery. Now, no one can predict the future, but we endeavor to plan, train & equip our team to be best team along the gulf coast.

If planning makes perfect, then we should be as near to perfection as possible. From disaster planning to keeping our friends updated on potential affects a weather event may have on our friends and community; we look ahead of the horizon.

 In addition to our planning meetings within departments and teams; we regularly hold training meetings on our services & equipment. Recently, we have been reading a book called Healing the Loss because we understand the soft skills of making a first impression, communicating respectfully and a service attitude is the foundation to our continued growth.  This is also reflected in our providing training to the industries and their teams we serve. It’s not about being on the same the same page but the same sentence.

This investment in time is equal to our investment in equipment.  Although we have over 2000 pieces of equipment & 60 vehicles; we aren’t just referencing hardware. Our greatest asset are the minds with certification of WRT/ASD to enrolling in management courses at Dale Carnegie.  We believe having the best equipment inventory and empowering our team to provide the best solutions using the equipment serves our clients better.

If you are looking for a team who strives to improve and evolve with the changing business environment, consider using our team the next time you have a property damage at your business.

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Written By:

Matthew Edwards/