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Project Managers and team members from Guarantee Restoration Services return home after spending over 7 weeks helping communities recover from hurricane damage in Florida.

Our response began the weekend before Hurricane Michael made landfall, our team worked to prepare to help our partners. From loading trucks with equipment and supplies, we were able to quickly secure buildings and begin demolition to return operations to our clients. By coordinating with other partners, Guarantee Restoration assisted in recovering government owned buildings, multi-family, office buildings and other properties in the affected area.

The time our team spent away from their families and the quality work they provided is another reminder our team is available 24/7 and that’s not just a number but a GUARANTEE.

“I am thankful for my dedicated team who went out to help the victims of Hurricane Michael and Florence; and the team who supported their efforts from our Baton Rouge Office” said Shawn Folks, CEO of Guarantee Restoration.

About Guarantee Restoration

Since 1974, Guarantee Restoration Services has provided recovery and restoration services to help businesses recover quickly from natural and other property damage. Guarantee Restoration provides solutions to any size property loss and pride ourselves on being easy, convenient and consistent.

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Matthew Edwards

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