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Like any industry, there are many challenges facing property restoration companies.  Response time to prevent further damage, drying properly to prevent future mold growth and training our team to use best practices are only a few.  However, logistical and technical challenges are not the only considerations. We must understand the emotional impact of the property loss has on our client.

This starts with understanding our role goes beyond providing excellent restoration services.  For our team to be the best in our industry, we need to a part of changing our clients’ moment.  The stress faced by the business or homeowner after damage to their property from storms, floods, fires, water leaks and even suicide can be overwhelming.  The situation can affect a family’s relationship or be a threat to a business’ operations.  Changing their moment can be as simple as communicating next steps or repeating for the 100th time how the insurance claim process works for their insurance carrier.  Changing the moment is doing whatever our client needs to feel more comfortable.  It is why we talk to our team about understanding a property loss from the clients’ frame of reference not only theirs.

Now, money alone cannot drive someone to get out of bed at 2am on a Sunday to help a family or business with a sewer backup.  It comes from a deep desire to serve others in need.  As a company we have been reading, “Healing the Loss” by Steve Touburen.  The goal of this exercise is to help our team better understand their role in restoring not only the damaged property but how to help the client heal from a traumatic event.

Recently, I was asked what separates us from our competition.  It is a hard question to answer; however, two areas we excel in are a leadership team who consistently holds accountable our team to be professional and caring; and secondly our team’s desire to be a partner with our clients during any size disaster.  If you ever need a team who understands 24/7 isn’t just a number, call on Guarantee to bring the technical and emotional skills to the job to help rebuild your life or business.