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At Guarantee Restoration Services, we always utilize the latest technologies for all of our services. That’s why we are excited to introduce our Matterport imaging system. We’re not only available 24/7, but now in 3D! While we are there when you need us most, we can also be there for pre-loss planning. Therefore, we can be there for you before you even need us!

Before a catastrophic event like hurricanes, fires or floods, documenting your property will help ease the claims process if your property experiences any damage. By providing the insurance company with documentation of your property’s “pre-loss state”, it eliminates delays in verification of equipment or building contents.

During any size property loss, GRS has one goal, to restore your property and operations as quickly and efficiently as possible. The insurance adjuster’s goal is to submit the claim accurately to ensure they meet the expectations of their insurance policies. So how can adjusters and restoration companies achieve their goals to accurately and quickly document and begin the mitigation process? Matterport is the answer!

How It Works

This scanner uses lasers to determine the size and scope of a building or home. The Matterport 3D imaging service will document your business contents for pre-loss conditions. We start at the front of the house and move the camera anywhere from 3-6 feet at a time. Matterport 3D Scanning allows our team to document your property throughout the entire restoration process in one complete, walk-through file that captures every detail of your property. There are several advantages to using Matterport, which include:

  • 3D Scanning allows remote insurance professionals the ability to better understand the damage with a 360 degree, panoramic capture of the loss.
  • Mattertags in the system allow remote, real-time information on equipment and site conditions to those who need accurate information on the status of a job quickly.
  • Provides for faster reporting on job progress, which keeps you in the loop.
  • Provides accurate room measurements to within 1% margin of error, so our technicians and project managers are able to utilize the right tools and materials initially.
  • Ability to print high definition photos to fully capture the details in each room.

In addition, Matterport develops through three different views of your home or business, which are outlined here:

  • Doll House View – This shows an overview of every floor of your building
  • Inside View – This view allows you to walk virtually throughout the scanned building.
  • Floor Plan View – This gives you a bird’s eye view of the building.

Matterport 3D Scanning uses an HDR, panoramic camera to capture your property top to bottom, floor to ceiling. Instead of taking hours and hundreds of pictures of every wall, floor, ceiling and piece of furniture in your building, Matterport’s complete scan encompasses all of these in a comprehensive and fast manner. To give you some perspective of time, a 2,000 square foot home would take about 30 minutes. Conversely, a larger commercial building can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete. After the scan is completed, these scans are stored in the cloud on the safe and secure Matterport server. After the scan is completed, these scans are available at any time and from any device.

Here to Help You

We use this Matterport technology in combination with our Ready Action Plan (RAP) web application. GRS has partnered with Restoration Affiliates to create a straightforward and user friendly technology solution. It is an efficient way to have all of your property and content assets documented and better maintained for any future damage or emergencies. For more information on how Matterport 3D and RAP can help to fully restore your home or business, give Guarantee Restoration a call today at 1-800-349-HELP.