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As a company, I have found Guarantee Restoration to have a caring, solutions and customer service driven team. However, like doctors, even the most caring in the restoration industry can forget the stress a property loss has on the families and businesses we serve.

Recently, our CEO Shawn Folks had our company reading Healing the Loss by Steve Toburen. From defining our role as property damage restoration professionals to reminding our team of the emotional dynamics involved during a client’s property claim; this book is helping our team understand we aren’t just rebuilding a structure… we are rebuilding lives and businesses.

Here are 3 lessons I have learned:

  1. Understanding our role during the initial phase of a property claim is to provide comfort for our clients.
  2. By using unemotional legal phrases like “the insured” can reflect a cold & unfeeling attitude toward the client. Additionally technical language can overwhelm the client.
  3. 80% of how a client decides if the job was done right is based on the relationship of the technicians, subcontractors and project managers they see doing the work.

In summary, by investing time to develop rapport & understanding, our team will better meet the client’s expectations and continue our success.

*If you or a client is need of property damage restoration, call our offices located along the gulf coast in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans & Gulfport, MS by calling

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